Friday, October 26, 2012

Software-as-a-Service Is All About Social Justice

Software-as-a-Service is the elegant answer to a relatively recent and quite profound question posed to civilisation. That being - how to provide equal access for all to the power of business software. 

Until the recent revolution in software design and provision, this technology was both prohibitively expensive and designed deliberately so that it was virtually impossible to use without access to expensive and time-intensive training.

By subverting the traditionally elitist world of software and business software in particular, SaaS and its brethren has truly struck a real blow for social justice!

Now anybody can easily access tools to enable them to truly participate in the capitalist society. Beautifully crafted applications, easily procured, for nominal commitments have levelled the playing field for small and micro businesses. People are empowered to follow their dreams and craft their preferred lifestyle while providing their fellow humans with the benefit of their expertise.

Likewise, those same people can create those very same SaaS solutions, while using said solutions to do so! You want philanthropy? I suggest there is little more satisfying than creating and providing technology to empower the average guy-in-the-street to reach his potential. 

So yes, SaaS is the democratisation of software. But more so, SaaS is real democracy in action! Well it's far more significant than just ticking a box every few years!

This is why I love SaaS! Pure and simple.

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